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UniAdmire where we turn dreams into educational journeys. We specialize in guiding aspiring students through the intricate process of university admissions, helping them navigate the complexities and challenges. At UniAdmire, we believe that education is the gateway to success, and we're here to make that journey smoother for you.Join us, and let's shape your academic future together.
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About Us 2017,2018
About Us 2017,2018

2017 - 2018

In 2017, Fornaxhub was founded as a student educational consultancy firm, dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals through guidance on college admissions, test preparation, and career counseling. The firm quickly gained recognition for its personalized approach and commitment to student success. By 2018, Fornaxhub diversified its offerings to include scholarship assistance, study abroad programs, and internship placement services, marking the beginning of its early growth and expanding the range of support available to students.
About Us 2019,2022
About Us 2019,2022

2019 - 2022

Between 2019 and 2022, UNIADMIRE experienced significant client base expansion, attracting a growing number of students and parents seeking comprehensive educational support. During this period, the firm also began onboarding state universities to its panel of partner institutions, enhancing the range of opportunities available to its clients. This expansion solidified UNIADMIRE's reputation as a leading educational consultancy, dedicated to providing diverse and inclusive pathways for academic success.
About Us 2023
About Us 2023


In 2023, UNIADMIRE advanced its commitment to innovation and sustainability through the launch of proprietary platforms featuring AI-driven tools for personalized University matching, scholarship searches, Dormitories, career guidance and much more. These advanced tools provide students with tailored recommendations, enhancing their academic and career planning processes. Concurrently, UNIADMIRE integrated sustainable practices into its operations and actively promoted green careers and education among students. This strategic emphasis on both technological innovation and environmental stewardship underscores UNIADMIRE's dedication to fostering a progressive and responsible approach to educational consulting.

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Thank you for your trust. We are profoundly grateful to our partners for placing their trust in us. Your confidence and unwavering support drive our shared success.